Kid Quotes: Pure Shakespeare

And now for something completely different:

Last night my 13 year old daughter Maisy called me up and told me she learned about Shakespeare at the musical theater camp she’s attending.

“Did you know he actually invented 3000 words, Dad” she said, excitedly.

“I bet he did. He was an amazing writer” I said.

She responded, “Yeah, he invented the word puke!”

Puke. Pure Shakespeare.

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3 Responses to “Kid Quotes: Pure Shakespeare”

  1. Donna says:

    And that, my dear, is why I teach at the middle school level. I get those kind of insightful conversations EVERY day! Absolutely hilarious! :)

  2. PJ Mullen says:

    Who knew! That is pretty funny.

  3. It is great to see children excited about learning new things and having fun with Shakespeare.

    -Ben Ratkowski
    American Shakespeare Center
    Midsummer Day Camp Director

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